ARGUMENTS. An approach

7/10/2022 to 27/8/2023

“I don’t want us to argue.” Most likely, we’ve all said or heard that sentence before. From earliest times, arguments have been an integral part of human communication. We experience them in our daily lives, in the media, as a commentary on political debates and social issues, in our social and private milieus, our families or relationships.

The exhibition ARGUMENTS. An approach explores these encounters. Objects and stories tell of arguments over taste, appreciation, attempts to make amends or expectations – as part of a larger debate or on a very personal level.

An argument is not inherently bad. As a democratic community, positive and interested arguments offer us a chance to facilitate understanding, exchange views, and build bridges. Sometimes, speaking less and listening more can turn an argument into a positive experience.

An exhibition in the Museum of Communication Berlin. Program funded by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.

Expotizer for the exhibition

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