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Architektur Museum fuer Kommunikation Berlin

A fascinating landmark in Berlin’s cityscape

Architektur Museum fuer Kommunikation Berlin
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The museum was badly damaged during wartime bombing raids on Berlin. In 1958, after the war, the East German government began the first of several phases of restoring and expanding the building – a process that involved entirely reconstructing parts of the original structure. In 1977, the museum was listed as a heritage building.

In the 1990s, a modern plan was developed for restoring the entire museum building. In 1992, the Henze & Vahjen architectural partnership in Brunswick was commissioned to renovate the building in line with current conservation standards. The original structures were preserved and reconstructions only carried out where historic designs were available. Work was completed in March 2000. The heart of the building is the light-flooded central atrium surrounded by a series of galleries. At night, light is emitted through the atrium roof so that the museum resembles a blue crystal – creating a fascinating landmark in Berlin’s cityscape.

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