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11 April – 1 September 2019

A C F : G A L E R I E
A C F : I N F O B O X

Download the English guide for our temporary exhibition “Gestures” to your own device.

  1. Log into the museum Wi-Fi “MfK-Guests”
  2. Download the app “Actionbound“ from Google Play or the App Store
  3. Click the link and follow the instructions on your screen: https://actionbound.com/bound/gestures

In Germany, a thumbs-up signals appreciation or agreement, while waving your hand in front of your face indicates incomprehension. To speak to someone in a car, we turn an imaginary handle to tell them to open the window. With our hands, we imitate objects and
how we interact with them. Our hands accompany our words and are a crucial part of everyday communication. In an increasingly technologised world, gestures revolutionise how we deal with vehicles, computers, household devices and games consoles.

Our exhibition “Gestures – past, present”, future showcases the dynamic world of gestures and its diverse references to current cultural and technical developments and processes of change. The project, a cooperation between the Technical University Chemnitz, the Ars Electronica Futurelab (Linz) and the Saxon Museum of Industry, brings together interactive installations and historical exhibits with art works taking gestures as their theme. How do gestures and speech relate? What role do gestures play in human communication? What do gestures tell us about our language, culture and technology?

On around 600 square metres, the exhibition showcases the fascinating history of gestures and gesture research as well as a series of fun activities. Fly around the globe using your hand as a virtual airplane! Control a marble labyrinth without touching it! View your gesture and posture reflected in a ‘Wooden Mirror’! Do some virtual pottery! And with the help of ornamental gestures, find out whether Chancellor Merkel’s signature ‘triangle of power’ really does increase self-confidence!

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