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The museum's permanent collection

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The museum's permanent collection illustrates the past, present and future perspectives of the information society. Starting from the atrium as an architectural key space, the entire house opens up about the galleries.

Dauerausstellung Museum fuer Kommunikation Berlin Lichthof

Atrium and Communication Gallery

Explore the basics of communication

You are greeted in the atrium by three charming robots that encourage communication and interaction. The communication gallery around the atrium offers an array of interactive terminals, providing a fun way to explore the world of news transmission.

From Bullroarer to Smartphone

Learn about the history of communication

On a journey from the Stone Age hand axe to the printed book in the early modern age, the nineteenth-century telegraph, and the modern smartphone, the permanent exhibition on the first and second floors focuses on the revolution in human communication. Here, you can try out a pneumatic post system, a semaphore telegraph and a morse code transmitter.

Collection Rooms

Understand technical inventions and developments

The exhibits in the Collection Rooms showcase technical developments in postal history, the pneumatic post, the culture of writing and the telegraph and telephone.


Talk about the future of communication

The FREIRAUM Future Lab presents 80 years of broadcast history from the Nipkow disk to modern consumer electronics – at the very place where the first regular television programme was publicly presented in 1935! In the green screen studio, you can try out the formats possible today with your own smartphone.

Treasure Chamber

Admire our most famous and valuable exhibits

In the hushed, secretive atmosphere of the Treasure Chamber, 17 special display cases present some legendary, valuable and strange exhibits. They include the first telephone invented by Philipp Reis, the postmark stamp which the Russian cosmonauts took into space, and the Blue Mauritius – the world‘s most famous stamp.

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