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28 October 2018 - 13 Januar 2019

A C F : G A L E R I E
A C F : I N F O B O X

High quality, well thought through, convincing – this are the projects that fill the jury for the Red Dot Award: Communication Design with enthusiasm. In 2018, designers, agencies and companies from 45 countries entered the competition for the sought-after award. They handed in a total of 8,610 works in the competition. From those submissions, the jury selected the winning projects in 17 categories and thus awarded this year’s best entries from the international communication design and creative scene. The studio exhibition “Best Communication Design – Red Dot Winners Selection 2018” shows a selection of the creations.

From packaging to posters to online projects, it presents the year’s outstanding communication design works. During the competition, they were honoured with the Red Dot: Best of the Best or the highest single distinction, the Red Dot: Grand Prix. Furthermore,
the exhibition provides an exemplary insight into the creative achievements of the most successful agency and brand of the year. The work by an up-and-coming designer, awarded with the Red Dot: Junior Prize, completes the overview of the status quo of the international creative scene.

A C F : dechents flexible Inhalte ANFANG
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