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12. Oktober bis 26. November 2017

A picture says more than a thousand words. So what, then, do close on 60 million tell us? That’s the number posted every day around the world on photo-sharing site Instagram by its around 700 million users. Germany, too, is …

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Let's play ping pong Hong Kong Comic Ausstellung

17 June - 2 July 2017

Please note that materials for this exhibiton are only available in German.

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10 March 2017 - 11 June 2017

The rules of the popular children’s game “Stille Post” (“telephone”) are simple: listen, understand and repeat. And that same principle applies equally to interpersonal communication. For Herlinde Koelbl’s “Stille Post. Listening and Understanding” photo project, she brought together 28 unequal …

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Goettlich Golden Genial Weltformel Goldener Schnitt

9 September 2016 – 26 February 2017

Seek and you shall find – from the pineapple’s skin to da Vinci’s works, Marilyn Monroe’s facial features or the façade of Leipzig’s Old Town Hall. The golden ratio appears to be omnipresent – and can also be found in …

C O N T E N T - C A T E G O R Y . P H P

16 March 2016 – 26 June 2016

A computer game punishing mistakes with real pain; a box creating the world’s smallest social network; balls moving as if by magic, steered by the human voice. Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff’s multi-sensory installations take a playful and humorous approach …

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1 April 2015 - 23 August 2015

How do I imagine my life when I’m old? What are the challenges of aging? What chances and opportunities does it bring – now and in the future? “Dialogue with Time. The Interactive Exhibition” takes an unusual approach to addressing …

C O N T E N T - C A T E G O R Y . P H P

26 September 2014 - 22 February 2015

In his bestseller “Around the World in 80 Days”, Jules Verne wrote: “The world has grown smaller, since a man can now go round it ten times more quickly than a hundred years ago”. In the late nineteenth century, this …

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Außer-Kontrolle Leben in einer ueberwachten Welt

21 MArch 2014 – 24 August 2014

Are we really safer when CCTV cameras track public squares, streets, and buildings, or intelligence agencies mass scan our emails? Is it really helpful for our software to suggest things supposed to interest us? In such a world, can security …

C O N T E N T - C A T E G O R Y . P H P

31 March 2017 - 27 August 2017

We want to “just do it”, “think different” and embrace “Vorsprung durch Technik”, and we’re “loving it”. Some brand slogans and images become inscribed in our collective memory, while others simply slide into oblivion. This exhibition takes a fresh look …